Strand Pelletiser Machines


Cutting Chmaber

ASL Series Pelletiser

Heavy Duty Pelletiser

20 - 80 strands. Our ASL series Pelletisers are available in feed widths from 150 to 400mm. Designed to cover a wide range of heavy duty production requirements these machines will withstand the most rigorous demands of...

900-4 Pelletiser

12-20 Strands

Our largest overhung rotor design allows thorough clean-down of the chamber components enabling rapid process changeover when colour or polymer grade changes are required. Replacement of feed rolls and rotor can be...

750-3 Free standing Pelletiser

4-12 Strands

The big brother of the 750-1 this machine has the same proven cutting concept with a more robust chamber. This Pelletiser is designed to cover small batch production pelletising of all thermoplastics with a maximum...

750-2 Integral Pelletiser

4-8 Strands

The 750-2 Integral bridges the gap between Laboratory and Larger production requirements this design is based on the 750-3 with a more simplistic design for lower production requirements, The Pelletiser is integrated...

750-1 Pelletiser

2-4 Strands

The 750-1 is a well established machine designed in the 1980s we have sold hundreds of these units and we regularly see machines over twenty years old still in good condition, The machine is available as a free standing...

BM15-HD Laboratory Pelletiser

The BM15-HD is a bench mounted facility for the pelletising of thermoplastic materials in laboratory applications. The compact unit has a 15mm feed width and is equipped with a variable speed drive to cater for varying...