Vibratory Feed

Rate of filling 1.5 tons per hour with 25Kg valve sacks

The compact design of the 600DC-VF is ideal for filling direct from the extrusion line the pellets can be filled directly into the bag from the Pelletiser.

The machine is designed to fill on extrusion lines of up to 300Kg per hour; the operator fits the sack onto the machine and can walk away and let the bag fill. Once the sack is filled to target weight the feeder stops and a new bag can be fitted making it ideal for small production runs.

When used under a product hopper the machine can be used as a standard filling machine with a capacity of 1.5 tons per hour making it very versatile.

Interchangeable heads transform the machine quickly from valve sack to open sack.

  • Easy clean between colour changes
  • 1.5 Ton per hour
  • Latest Systec control technology
  • Energy efficient vibratory feed
  • Packs direct from hopper or extrusion line
  • Compact design