Vibratory feed filling and weighing machine

Rate for filling 1.5 tons per hour direct from hopper or Silo

300Kg per hour on extrusion lines


Filling bags on extrusion lines during production

The compact design of the 600DC-VF is ideal for filling direct from the extrusion line the pellets can be filled directly into the bag from the Pelletiser when used in conjunction with a hopper loader or other pellet conveying equipment.

The machine is designed to fill on extrusion lines of up to 300Kg per hour; the operator clamps the empty sack onto the machine and can walk away to inspect the extrusion line allowing the bag to be filled slowly in real time. Once the sack is filled to target weight the feeder stops and a new bag can be fitted making it ideal for small production runs that only require 5-6 bag changes per hour.


Filling bags direct from a hopper or silo

When used under a product hopper the machine can be used as a standard filling machine with a capacity of 1.5 tons per hour making it very versatile.

The machine can be positioned under a hopper for filling free flowing pellets and granules as well as materials that cannot be fed through a slide valve such as small biscuits.

  • Easy clean between colour changes

  • 1.5 Ton per hour capacity

  • Latest Systec control technology

  • Energy efficient vibratory feed

  • Packs direct from hopper or extrusion line

  • Compact design

  • Filling heads and platforms are interchangeable

  • Castor mounted for easy mobility


Interchangeable filling head

Interchangeable heads and weighing platforms can quickly convert this machine from valve sack filling to open bag filling as well as box filling.


Valve filling head

The filling head of the machine has a conical design this new improved filling head increases the flow of material forcing it to the bottom corner of the valve sack, this ensures the bag is filled evenly without any mounding of material this is essential for filling small bags.


Open filling head

The open head is circular with two pneumatic clamps either side of the head this new design replaces the square bagging head making it easier to position the bag and easier to clean.


Bag support tray

Our support tray has the same profile as the sack when full this prevents the bag from falling to one side during the filling process and prevents mounding of material inside the sack.



220/240v single phase or 110v single phase


Pneumatic supply

Pneumatic supply 1.5 bar


Packing machine for a wide variety of vessels

Machine can be used to pack product into the following vessels.

  • 25Kg valve sacks plastic or woven polypropylene

  • Paper valve sacks and open bags

  • 10-25Kg open woven sacks

  • 10-25Kg open plastic bags for heat sealing lines

  • Box filling for various sizes to 50lbs popular in the USA


Packing machine applications

600DC-VF packing machine has been used in the following applications

  • Plastic pellets into valve sacks on extrusion plants

  • Colour masterbatch packing into valve sacks or open bags

  • Packing and weighing of small granules

  • Biscuit into open bags

  • Filling and weighing of bird seeds