Single Screw digital bagging machine

Our screw feed machine is used for powders and non-free flowing materials; the material is fed into the bag by a stainless steel screw which is driven from a gear reduced motor.


The machine is set to target weight using the digital weighing controller; once the machine is started the inverter driven screw fills the bag to target weight. Once the target weight is reached the screw reverses for two seconds so no product can fall to the floor when the bag is removed.


The machine can be supplied for both valve sacks and open sacks, for open sack filling a special stainless steel adapter can be used with dust extraction points.


Easy installation

The 600DC-SCREW is both compact and mobile simply position the machine under your hopper or Silo and connect a flexible connection from the outlet of your vessel into the inlet on top of the machine.


Filling rate

One to two bags per minute depending on the type of material and product density for an accurate filling rate please send us a product sample.

Ground Polyethylene will fill at a rate of two bags per minute at approximately 3 tons per hour but all powders are different so please send us a sample.


Valve sack filling head

The bag is positioned onto a straight Nozzle with a tapered end each nozzle is designed to suit your valve sack, this provides a tight fit to prevent product dust from entering into the work enviroment.


Stainless steel screw

The screw is manufactured to suit your product the pitch of the screw will be selected to provide the best material flow through the nozzle, sometimes a screw needs to have a staggered pitch for optimum product flow.


Bag support tray

Our support tray has the same profile as the sack when full this prevents the bag from falling to one side during the filling process and prevents mounding of material inside the sack. Uniform sack filling is essential to ensure the operator does not need to pull the sack forward during filling.


Weighing controller

The digital weighing controller features a large clear display screen with easy to use menus. Clear instructions are displayed on the controller for quick-weight selection. The digital weighing controller has ten preset weights for quick target weigh selection


Machine accuracy

An inverter drive controls the flow of material weighing with an accuracy of 20g per bag. An automatic in-flight compensation feature covers any variation in material specific gravity this sends a signal to the inverter to ensure the screw stops a just the right moment to achive target weigh without overfill.


Dust Extraction

Dust extraction points can be fitted around the filling nozzle as an optional extra to prevent excess dust escaping into the working atmosphere.


Packing machine for valve sacks and open sacks

600DC-SCREW can be used to pack product into the following vessels.

  • 25Kg valve sacks plastic or woven polypropylene

  • Paper valve sacks

  • 25Kg open sacks


Packing machine applications

600DC-SCREW packing machine has been used in the following applications

  • Ground plastic pellets

  • Polymer materials from Pulverizer

  • Polyethylene powder

  • Building materials

  • Various powders



220/240v single phase


Pneumatic supply

Pneumatic supply 2 bar