Gravity packing machine for 25Kg valve sacks and 10-25Kg open bags

Sack filling and weighing machine

The 600DC is both compact and mobile simply position the machine under your hopper or Silo and connect a flexible connection from the outlet of your vessel into the square inlet on top of the machine.

Pellets and granules and other free flowing materials can be packaged efficiently to pre-set weight in 10-25Kg open sacks or valve sacks. The weights of filled sacks are indicated on the digital read out panel. Ten sack weight settings are available for electronic pushbutton selection. Built-in flow control provides a material trickle-flow up to the set weight target to ensure sack filling accuracy. An automatic in-flight compensation feature covers any variation in material specific gravity. The unit is castor mounted for mobility and all material contacting parts are manufactured from stainless steel.


Filling rate

Two bags per minute at a rate of 3 tons per hour a 25Kg sack filled with masterbatch takes 25 seconds per bag


Removable filling heads

Interchangeable heads and weighing platforms can quickly convert this machine from valve sack filling to open bag filling as well as box filling.


Valve filling head

The filling head of the machine has a conical design this new improved filling head increases the flow of material forcing it to the bottom corner of the valve sack, this ensures the bag is filled evenly without any mounding of material this is essential for filling small bags.


Open filling head

The open head is circular with two pneumatic clamps either side of the head this new design replaces the square bagging head making it easier to position the bag and easier to clean.


Blow up bag technology (optional extra)

Blow up bag technology can be added to this machine if required for smaller plastic valve sacks that are difficult to fill


Prior to filling a small valve sack it is sometimes required to inflate the bag prior to filling this makes the bag easier to fill, once the bag is clamped onto the filling head a jet of compressed air is blown into the bag for a few seconds, the time of inflation is adjustable so it can be set to inflate the bag with the minimum requirement of compressed air.


Box Filling

The open head can also be used for filling boxes if the box has an internal bag liner this can be clamped onto the open filling head.


Machine accuracy

An internal slide valve controls the flow of material from your holding vessel directly into the sack, weighing with an accuracy of 20g per bag.


Bag support tray

Our support tray has the same profile as the sack when full this prevents the bag from falling to one side during the filling process and prevents mounding of material inside the sack.


Optional support tray for heat sealing bags

For heat sealing applications the machine can be fitted with a roller platform for pushing the filled bag onto a heat sealing conveyor the platform is also used for open woven sacks that require stitching after filling


Weighing controller

The latest Systec controller is used on all our weighing machines this controller features a larger clear display screen with easy to use menus. Clear instructions are displayed on the controller for quick-weight selection.


Packing machine for a wide variety of vessels

600DC can be used to pack product into the following vessels.

  • 25Kg valve sacks plastic or woven polypropylene

  • Paper valve sacks and open bags

  • 10-25Kg open woven sacks

  • 10-25Kg open bags for heat sealing lines

  • Box filling for various sizes to 50lbs popular in the USA

  • Valve bags that require inflation prior to filling


Packing machine applications

600DC packing machine has been used in the following applications

  • Plastic pellets into valve sacks on extrusion plants

  • Colour masterbatch packing into valve sacks

  • Packing and weighing free flowing powders such as Polyethylene powder

  • Packing free flowing pattern concrete into open bags

  • Free flowing biscuit into open bags



220/240v single phase or 110v single phase


Pneumatic supply

Pneumatic supply 3 bar