75mm feed for 12 Strands

Dry cut Pelletizer


The Accrapak 750-3 strand pelletiser is designed to cover small batch production pelletising of all thermoplastics. A robust free-standing machine, it is capable of pelletising up to twelve strands of 3mm diameter material. The 750-3 pelletiser can also be supplied with a built in pellet sieve unit and as an Integral strand cooling system.


Precision cutting of extruded strands

The clean, continuous cutting action of the multi-tooth helical rotor results in uniform pellet production. The rotor is mounted in an eccentric bearing housing, allowing close adjustment of rotor and stationary bed knife to produce perfect pellets.


Perfect for soft materials

The 750-3 has a straight feed table which does not allow the strands to be bent towards the cutter, this is essential for the production of soft materials. The distance between the nip point of the feed rolls and the cutting point is very close resulting in a cutting action that will cut materials that are very soft.


Easy clean for colour change applications

The overhung design of the machine allows the operator to remove the feed rolls and rotor from the shafts this can be achieved without the need of bearing removal. The machine is designed for easy clean down between colour changes. The overhung design of the machine allows the operator to remove the feed rolls and rotor from the shafts this can be achieved without the need of bearing removal.


Dual drive option

The 750-3 Pelletizer can be supplied as single drive with a set pellet length or dual drive the dual drive option allows the operator to change pellet lengths during production. Once the desired pellet length is selected the line speed can be adjusted and the pellet length will remain the same throughout the line speed range


Upper feed roll driven as standard

The upper feed roll is driven to allow maximum strand traction with special deep tooth gears this gear arrangement does not require any lubrication.


Safe no tool access

A solenoid locking safety switch is fitted to the main hood and discharge chute the switches locks the hood and discharge chute until the machine has come to a complete standstill. Once the machine has stopped the hood can be opened and the chute can be removed for easy cleaning.


Integrated sieve unit

The 750-3 strand Pelletizer can be fitted with a sieve unit the sieve can be fitted within the base of the machine to prevent any unwanted longs or fines contaminating the product.


Integrated cooling bath and Airknife dryer for compact low production

The 750-3 strand Pelletizer is also available as an Integral strand cooling and Pelletizing unit, this mobile system is suitable for laboratory and small production areas, the cutting chamber is mounted directly to the cooling bath, a small Airknife blower is used to dry the strands prior to Pelletising this system is ideal for small working areas.


The 750-3 Integral is ideal for low line speed applications with less than 10 strands.



Complete extrusion line downstream equipment for higher production

The 750-3 free standing Pelletiser can be supplied as a complete line comprising of cooling bath, Suction dryer and Sieve unit please see our ancilary page for more information on our cooling baths and suction Airknifes.


Cooling bath

The cooling bath for the 750-3 is 2500mm wide x 200mm deep and 2.5 meters long but we can manufacture to your dimensions, the cooling bath can be fitted with a plate heat exchanger and re-circulating system or a simple motorized valve to allow cool water into the bath.


Suction Airknife for strand drying

Our 800-100 suction dryer is a compact suction dryer which can be used to dry the strands prior to cutting this can be used as part of the complete extrusion line please see our ancilarry page for more details.



Throughput and power

Model            Feed width       Strands               Kg/hr SG 1.05               KW RATING

750-3                75mm                12                    320                               2.2 Kw with gears

750-3DD            75mm                12                    320                               1.5 Kw Rotor 0.375Kw feed rolls

Throughput shown is based on machine running at 60M per minute with 12 strands of SG1.05 the material specific gravity significantly changes the throughput of the machine. Please send us your requirements and we will work out your exact throughput.



380/415v 3phase 50/60Hz


230/240V 1 phase 50/60Hz