Complete downstream extrusion line

All in one dry cut Pelletizer line


The Accrapak series 750 Integral strand pelletising units comprise a strand cooling bath, strand dryer and pelletiser mounted on a common base. The base frame is castor mounted for mobility and is equipped with jacking screws for height adjustment of 100mm.


The water bath is fitted with a small Airknife or Air Miser to blow the water from the strands; the cooling bath has grooved rollers to position the extruded strands. The strand guide rollers are mounted from one side of the water bath allowing easy feeding of the strands, the guide rollers are adjustable on quick release clamps.


The cooling bath can be fitted with a plate heat exchanger and re-circulating system or a simple motorized valve to allow cool water into the bath.


Why choose an Integral Strand Pelletisers rather than a free standing line?

The Integral units are ideal for low line speed applications ranging from 10m per minute to 40m per minute, the compact design takes up less floor space than a free stand model with a separate stand cooling bath, for low line speed applications our small Airknife powered from compressed air is a good method of drying the strands this is mounted directly to the cooling bath.


For higher line speeds and larger throughputs a free standing machine and a powerful suction dryer is the better option please contact us with your application and we will quote the best option.


750-1 Integral strand Pelletiser for 2-4 Strands

The 750-1 Integral is often used for laboratory application that process 2-3 strands at low line speeds, using a 6 or 8 tooth rotor the line speed can run very slowly to cut precision pellets at low throughputs, ideal for small extrusion lines that only require small batches of pellets for testing.


Power rating 1.1Kw

Bath length 1.5m to 2,5m

Dryer Air-miser


380/415v 3phase 50/60Hz

230/240V 1 phase 50/60Hz



750-2 Integral strand Pelletiser for 4-8 Strands

The 750-2 Integral bridges the gap between Laboratory and Larger production requirements this design is based on the 750-3 extrusion line with a more simplistic design for lower production requirements, The Pelletiser is integrated with a water bath and strand dryer making it very compact, ideal for small production areas and lower line speed requirements.


Power rating 1.5Kw

Bath length 2m to 3.5m

Dryer Air-Miser


230/240V 1 phase 50/60Hz

380/415v 3phase 50/60Hz



750-3 Integral strand Pelletiser for 8-12 Strands

The 750-3 Integral is used for 8-12 strands at for larger production rates and designed for sample batch production of thermoplastics. This machine is our largest Integral Pelletiser as is ideal for throughputs of 200Kg per hour.


Power rating 2,2Kw

Bath length 3m to 4m

Dryer compressed Air-knife



230/240V 1 phase 50/60Hz

380/415v 3phase 50/60Hz


Dual drive option

All Integral Pelletizers can be supplied as single drive with a set pellet length or dual drive the dual drive option allows the operator to change pellet lengths during production. Once the desired pellet length is selected the line speed can be adjusted the pellet length will remain the same throughout the line speed range.