Heavy Duty Pelletiser

20 - 80 strands.

Our ASL series Pelletisers are available in feed widths from 150 to 400mm.

Designed to cover a wide range of heavy duty production requirements these machines will withstand the most rigorous demands of plastic compounders. An efficient cutting action enables high pellet outputs to be achieved when processing various materials including abrasive glass and mineral-filled plastics.

Series ASL Pelletisers come with dual drive as standard with a separate drive powering both feed rolls and rotor allowing pellet lengths to be changed without the need of a gear box and change gears.

Safe no tools access to the feed and cutting chamber allows easy clean-down and maintenance the modular design of the machine allows the feed rolls to be removed quickly for maintenance and the machine is fitted with safety interlocks and safety monitor circuit to ensure safe access to the machine cutting chamber.

A food grade version of this machine is also available for cutting extruded cereal ropes the ASL machine can also handle the softest of materials.