Why scrap your old machinery if it can be refurbished? 
We can carry out a complete refurbishment of any Pelletiser model from any manufacturer, breathing new life into old machinery using our extensive experience in Pelletising technology.
Refurbishing old Pelletisers is both cost effective and environmentally friendly we can offer a complete overhaul service or a general service.
Example of overhaul carried out to 200mm Pelletiser
  • Stripping the machine down to its bare essence we remove every nut bolt and screw
  • Sandblasting of frame and all removed guards
  • Fabricating of framework if required
  • Manufacture of any new guards that are beyond repair
  • Powder coating of frame and guards
  • All components cleaned and assessed 
  • Cutting chamber built up with new fixings
  • Re-sharpening of rotor and bed knife
  • Manufacture of any components required
  • Fitting of new bearings and seals
  • Upper feed roll covered in new material
  • Machine converted to dual drive 
  • New electrical enclosure fitted
  • New discharge chute fitted
  • All Pneumatics replaced
  • New safe decking fitted
  • New castors
 All our refurbished machines have a six month guarantee