Strand Cooling Bath Machines, application ranging from laboratory to high capacity compounding

Ancillary Equipment for downstream extrusion lines

We manufacture cooling baths for any application ranging from laboratory to high capacity compounding. All our cooling baths are manufactured from stainless steel and fitted on a castor mounted base for easy alignment and process control of extruded strands for dry cut Pelletising applications; Cooling baths are designed to suit your cooling temperature requirements.


Height adjustment and easy alignment

The castors are fitted with jacking screws allowing the cooling bath height to be adjusted by 100mm.


Deep grooved guide rollers

The baths are fitted with adjustable grooved strand guide roller which keep the strand apart and allow easy feeding of the strands to the Pelletizer feed the strands are grooved to suit the maximum capacity of the Pelletizer, we can groove the rollers to your specification to give the same number of grooves and spacing as your extruder die.


Easy feeding alignment

Bath rollers are mounted on quick release clamping brackets which are only mounted on one side of the cooling bath allowing the operator to feed the strands under the roller easily during strand feeding to the Pelletizer.

The roller clamping brackets can be quickly positioned by sliding the clamp lengthways along the cooling bath, the supporting arm for the roller can be pivoted to the correct position inside the cooling bath or above the cooling bath to feed into the airknife or suction dryer.


Roller rotation

The rollers are fitted with bushes to allow easy roller rotation allowing the strands to pass effortlessly through the cooling trough.


Process water contacting parts

The first roller at the extruder side is manufactured from stainless steel all other rollers are manufactured from Polypropylene all the support arms and rods are manufactured from stainless steel.


Overflow weir

Stainless steel mesh overflow weir fitted to the exit side of the cooling bath the weir can be removed for cleaning.


Cooling system temperature control

The baths can be supplied with a temperature controlled recirculation system which keep the water at the desired heat or can be fitted with high and low level sensors and motorised valve allowing automatic top up of your chilled water supply. Whatever your needs we can design and manufacture to suit your requirements.


Retractable cooling bath

We also offer a retractable cooling bath which allows the water bath section to be rolled on its frame away from the extruder; this system allows any waste polymer to be discharged into a collection vessel underneath the extruder die.


Complete downstream extrusion line

We can offer a complete package for your downstream extrusion line comprising of cooling bath, suction dryer and strand Pelletiser please see table for typical bath dimensions and machinery for each cooling bath.



Pelletiser Strands Bath (W,D,L) Height Dryer to suit

Pelletiser              Strands     Bath (W,D,L)               Height                         Dryer to suit 


BM15 Pelletiser          2          100 x 100 x 970          200mm                        Air miser        


750-1 Pelletiser          4          200 x 200 x 2500        950 +/- 50mm              Suction dryer AK50


750-3 Pelletiser          12        250 x 200 x 3000        950 +/- 50mm              Suction dryer AK100


900-4 Pelletiser          20        300 x 250 x 4000        950 +/- 50mm              Suction dryer AK150


ASL-150 Pelletiser     30        400 x 300 x 4000        950 +/- 50mm              Suction dryer AK200


ASL-200 Pelletiser     40        450 x 300 x 4500        950 +/- 50mm              Suction dryer AK300


ASL-300 Pelletiser     60        550 x 300 x 5000        950 +/- 50mm              Suction dryer AK400


ASL-400 Pelletiser     80        600 x 300 x 6000        950 +/- 50mm

Cooling bath dimensions are for reference only and can vary depending on the cooling system used with the cooling bath and the temperature of the extruded strands.