Strand Pelletiser Sieve Units, separation of long and fine plastic during production

Ancillary Equipment for downstream extrusion lines

Small production sieve units for compounding lines up to 500Kg per hour

We can offer sieve units to suit our Pelletisers up to 20 strands for the separation of long and fines during production. All our sieve units are manufactured from stainless steel and have quick release removable decks which are easy to clean and change.

The sieves are mounted on a castor mounted sub base and two models can be fitted within our Pelletiser frames to provide a compact integrated design.


A fines collection bin is included with each sieve to collect unwanted dust particles and fines; we can also supply stainless steel collection vessels if required for your product collection.


The feeder is controlled from a 1-10 speed dial to ensure the correct speed range in relation to the extruder and Pelletiser line speed, the speed controller can be mounted on our Pelletiser enclosure panel and the power for the sieve can also be fed from our Pelletiser if ordered with one of our machines.


  • Low Maintenance

  • Robust and reliable design

  • Easy clean between colour changes

  • Plug socket on Pelletiser enclosure

  • Speed dial can be mounted on Pelletiser panel

  • Quick release sieve deck clamps



Model feeder Kg/Hr Sieve width Length Pelletiser Mounting

FT02-100 Series Single 100Kg 100mm 500mm 750-1 Pelletiser frame optional


BF2-1-300 Series Single 300Kg 200mm 720mm 750-3 & 900-4 Pelletiser frame optional


BF2-2-500 Series Twin 500Kg 300mm 1000mm 900-4 Separate sub base only



FT02-100 Series

Our smallest seive can be added to our 750-1 Pelletiser the sieve unit is fitted within the 750-1 sub frame, A small stainless steel box collects any particles from goods product and the long continue the full length of the sieve and discharge at the end.


Speed dial can be fitted on the 750-1 pelletiser enclosure or in its own enclosure if mounted on a sepearte sub frame, the sieve can be plugged into the 750-1 Pelletiser enclosure.


Voltage 230V 110V

Current 0.75 AMPS 1.5 AMPS

Frequency 50Hz 60Hz

Single phase



BF2-1-300 Series

This sieve can be fitted within the base of the 750-3 Pelletiser or the 900-4 Pelletiser it has a capacity of 300Kg making it ideal for a production line of 12-15 strands.


This model can also be supplied on a castor mounted sub base, a fines collection tray collects dust particles, the longs and product run the full length of the sieve and discharge left side and right side. We will manufactuer the discharge side to your requirments.


Voltage 230V 110V

Current 2.0 AMPS 4.0 AMPS

Frequency 50Hz 60Hz

Single phase



BF2-2-500 Series

Our largest sieve is only available as a free standing unit the sieve is mounted on two vibratory feeders and has a throughput of 500Kg per hour. This model is suitable for the 900-4 Pelletiser running at its maximum feed rate this high performance rugged unit is designed to run continuously and will give long reliable service on your compounding line.


Heavy duty quick release clamps are used to hold down the sieve deck in position ensuring minimum noise and unwanted vibration.


Voltage 230V 110V

Current 2.0 AMPS 4.0AMPS

Frequency 50Hz 60Hz

Single phase