Suction dryer for strand extrusion lines

Why choose a suction dryer instead of an Airfnife?

More and more customers are using suction dryers on extrusion plants; this is now recommended my most health and safety officials as the best way to dry extruded strands of polymer. The Airknife blowers can blow unwanted water vapour into the working atmosphere a suction dryer eliminates this risk and provides a safer working area for extruder line operators.


New models for 2020

The 800 series suction dryer is now available in six models for drying upto 60 extruded strands for both masterbatch and compounding lines. The units light weight compact design takes up the minimum of floor space and its castor mounted base allows easy movement from one extruded line to another.

The stainless steel suction chamber has both vertical and horizontal adjustment with a pivot to suit any feed height and angle of strand. The high power suction head dry’s the stands prior to cutting and is powered by an energy efficient fan ensuring both low operation cost and low sound emission.

The water is removed from the strands and collected in a water tank it is then pumped out to either drain or back into your cooling bath.

We have now added three new models to complement our Pelletizer range we have also made design improvements throughout the range we estimate that the modifications have increased the suction power throughout the range by more than 25% to an already proven design


Model Max strands Kw Rating Inverter driven Pelletizer

Model                 Max strands              Kw Rating         Inverter driven              Pelletizer


AK800-50                      7                      0.75Kw             As standard                  750-1 Pelletizer


AK800-100                    12                     1.5Kw               As standard                  750-3 Pelletizer


AK800-150                    20                     2.2Kw               As standard                  900-4 Pelletizer


AK800-200                    30                     2.2Kw               As standard                  ASL150 Pelletizer


AK800-300                    40                     4Kw                  As standard                  ASL200 Pelletizer


AK800-400                    60                     4Kw                  As standard                  ASL300 Pelletizer


New design features 2020

Suction chamber

The drying chamber of the machine has been redesigned with a longer suction head this allows the strands to have more time in the drying chamber, The extra slots ensures more suction hits before being fed into the strand Pelletizer. The hinged chamber lid provides extra vacuum within the chamber.

Suction plate and pressure test adjustment

The suction head is pressure tested to obtain the maximum amount of suction vacuum for each machine; extra suction slots have been added to obtain the maximum amount of hits, this ensures the best possible drying of each extruded strand. The slots are adjusted to give the maximum possible airflow through the suction plate the plate is then locked into position with the correct suction slot gap this is done for each individual machine.

Inverter drives

All the machines are now fitted with an inverter drive as standard to run the fan at 60Hz this gives the machine 20% more suction.

Air flow modifications

The adapter between the filling head and the suction tube is conical to give the maximum air flow without restriction. The fan unit orientation has been repositioned on our new design to allow the best possible exhaust this modification make the suction head more efficient and increases the suction power.

We estimate that the modifications have increased the suction power throughout the range by more than 25% to an already proven design