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Specialists in Plastics
Pelletising Technology.

We specialise in the manufacturing of Strand Pelletisers and ancillary downstream equipment for compounding and colour masterbatch, We also manufacture sack filling and weighing machinery for the plastics industry and a wide range of other packaging applications.

Strand Pelletiser Machines

Accrapak systems are a leading manufacturer of Strand Pelletisers, all our machines are built to our customer’s requirements because we know that every application is different.

Filling & Weighing Machines

Over 30 years of manufacturing sack filling and weighing machines for the accurate weighing and packing of materials into valve sacks and open neck sacks

Ancilliary Equipment

We can also provide ancilliary downstream equipment.

Including Suction Dryers,  Cooling Baths and Sieve Units

Machinery Refurbishment

Why scrap your old machinery if it can be refurbished?  

We can carry out a complete and thorough refurbishment of any Pelletiser model from any manufacturer.