Temperature controlled cooling bath for Pelletizer extrusion line

Leaving our factory this week is a 5m long cooling bath suitable for 40 strands of extruded polymer the water bath is designed to maintain a constant bath temperature of 10 degree C

The cooling bath is manufactured from stainless steel and fitted on a fabricated powder coated castor mounted base.

The cooling system is fitted with a plate heat exchanger; the customer will provide chilled water to the cold side of the heat exchanger this water will then recirculate back to the chiller whilst the water in the cooling bath is constantly recirculated through the hot side of the heat exchanger.

The water pump is balanced to provide the necessary flow rate to keep the cooling bath at the desired temperature.

Cooling system temperature control

This unit is supplied with recirculation system which maintains the water at the desired temperature in this case 10 degree C

The water flows in the direction of the Pelletiser over a weir the water is then pumped through a heat exchanger which cools the water before pumping it back into the bath at the extruder side.

The water inlet is fitted with a spreader bar which allows cold water to be pumped over the whole width of the cooling bath.

Height adjustment and easy alignment

The castors are fitted with jacking screws allowing the cooling bath height to be adjusted by 100mm.

Deep grooved guide rollers

Cooling bath fitted with adjustable 40 grooved strand guide rollers which keep the strands apart and allow easy feeding of the strands to the Pelletizer, the roller ends are fitted with discs to prevent strands from slipping off the roller on initial feeding of product.

Easy feeding alignment

Bath rollers are mounted on quick release clamping brackets mounted on one side of the cooling bath allowing the operator to feed the strands under the roller easily during initial strand feeding to the Pelletizer.

The roller clamping brackets can be quickly positioned by sliding the clamp lengthways along the cooling bath, the supporting arm for the roller can be pivoted to the correct position inside the cooling bath or above the cooling bath to feed into an Airknife or suction dryer.

Roller rotation

The rollers are fitted with bushes to allow easy roller rotation allowing the strands to pass effortlessly through the cooling trough.

Process water contacting parts

The first roller at the extruder side is manufactured from stainless steel all other rollers are manufactured from Polypropylene all the support arms and rods are manufactured from stainless steel.

Overflow weir

Stainless steel mesh overflow weir fitted to the exit side of the cooling bath the weir can be removed for cleaning this weir also prevents any pellets from entering the recirculation system.

Complete downstream extrusion line

We can offer a complete package for your downstream extrusion line comprising of cooling bath, suction dryer and strand Pelletiser please see our Ancillary web page for details of typical bath sizes for any Pelletiser feed width.

Thanks for looking and stay safe