Retractable Strand cooling bath for extruder compounding line

This system allows any waste polymer to be discharged into a collection vessel underneath the extruder die head prior to feeding new strands into the water bath.Once the desired strands are being extruded the water bath can be rolled underneath the extruder die head, the water bath is then locked in position using a safety chain with heavy duty locking pin. Water bath fitted with water inlet, outlet and overflow weir all outlets are fitted with gate valves to allow connection to a chilled water supply.The bath is manufactured from stainless steel and fitted on a castor mounted sub base for easy alignment and process control of extruded strands for dry cut Pelletizing line. The cooling bath frame is powder coated RAL5015.

Height adjustment and easy alignment

The castors are fitted with jacking screws allowing the cooling bath height to be adjusted by 100mm. The jacking screws can also be used to align the bath on uneven floors.

Deep grooved guide rollers:

The bath is fitted with adjustable grooved strand guide rollers which keep the strand apart and allow easy feeding of the strands to the Pelletizer the rollers have 30 grooves to suit the maximum capacity of the Pelletizer.

Easy feeding alignment

Bath rollers are mounted on quick release clamping brackets which are only mounted on one side of the cooling bath allowing the operator to feed the strands under the roller easily during strand feeding to the Pelletizer. The roller clamping brackets can be quickly positioned by sliding the clamp lengthway's along the cooling bath; the supporting arm for the roller can be pivoted to the correct position inside the cooling bath or above the cooling bath to feed into the Airknife suction dryer.

Roller rotation

The rollers are fitted with bushes to allow easy roller rotation allowing the strands to pass effortlessly through the cooling trough.

Process water contacting parts

 The first roller at the extruder side is manufactured from stainless steel all other rollers are manufactured from Polypropylene all the support arms and rods are manufactured from stainless steel.

Overflow weir

 Stainless steel mesh overflow weir fitted to the exit side of the cooling bath the weir can be easily removed for cleaning. This weir has been positioned at low level to ensure that it is always submerged under water to prevent air being pumped into the recirculating cooling system.

Complete downstream extrusion line

 We can offer a complete package for your downstream extrusion line comprising of cooling bath, suction dryer and strand Pelletiser please see our ancillary web page and our pelletiser page for more details.

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Steven Critchley