We now have a full range of dryers for extrusion lines from 1-60 strands so we can offer a suction dryer for all the Pelletisers in our production range. AK50 for small production lines We have now added a small suction dryer to our production range our AK50 will dry up to 7 strands of extruded polymer ensuring a dry cut when strand Pelletizing. This dryer can be used on extrusion lines at a rate of 200Kg per hour when processing 7 strands. AK400 Strand dryer for 40-60 strands We have also developed a larger machine for production lines of 1-2 tons per hour our AK400 can handle 60 strands of 3mm diameter this machine has a feed width of 400mm and a powerful centrifugal fan. Design improvements for existing suction dryers AK100, AK200, AK300 When designing our new suction dryers we have also incorporated the new features throughout the range. The drying chamber of the machine has been redesigned with a longer suction head this allows the strands to have more time in the drying chamber, The extra slots ensures more suction hits before being fed into the strand Pelletiser. The suction head has been pressure tested to obtain the maximum amount of suction vacuum for each machine; extra suction slots have been added to obtain the maximum amount of hits, this ensures the best possible drying of each extruded strand. The slots are adjusted to give the maximum possible airflow through the suction plate the plate is then locked into position with the correct suction slot gap this is done for each individual machine. All the machines are now fitted with an inverter drive as standard to run the fan at 60Hz this gives the machine 20% more suction. The adapter between the filling head and the suction tube is now conical to give the maximum air flow without restriction. The fan unit orientation has been repositioned to allow the best possible exhaust this modification make the suction head more efficient and increases the suction power. We estimate that the modifications have increased the suction power throughout the range by more than 25% to an already proven design AK50 feed width 50mm for 1-7 suitable for 750-1 Pelletizer AK100 feed width 100mm for 7-14 suitable for 750-3 Pelletizer AK150 feed width 150mm for 14-21 suitable for 900-4 Pelletizer AK200 feed width 200mm for 20-30 suitable for ASL150 Pelletizer AK300 feed width 300mm for 30-40 suitable for ASL200 Pelletizer AK400 feed width 400mm for40-60 suitable for ASL300 Pelletizer We are now in the process of designing a new model which recirculates the air flow from the suction head back into the drying chamber; this will blow air down onto the extruded strands as they pass over the suction plate without blowing water into the working area. Our strand dryer webpage will be updated with the new machines in the New Year please visit our ancillary equipment webpage for more details. https://www.accrapak.co.uk/services/ancilliary-equipment 2019 has been a good year for design improvements. Thanks for looking Steven Critchley