Stainless steel roller tray for water removal on extruder line for dry cut strand Pelletizing

New ancillary downstream equipment for water removal,

We are now manufacturing stainless steel roller trays that can be positioned between the cooling bath and the strand Pelletizer, this tray can be custom made to suit your extruder line, the tray can be used before or after the suction dryer depending on the material being processed.

As strands pass through the grooves on each roller the water is stripped from the extruded strands onto the tray, the water then runs down the slide and back into the cooling bath or into a collection tank preventing unwanted drips from falling onto the floor ensuring the operators working area is always dry.

The tray can remove most of the water from the strands for dry cut pelletizing and when used in conjunction with a strand dryer it is extremely effective ensuring strands are dry prior to cutting and pellets are dry on discharge.

The tray can be fitted with rollers or brushes and is ideal for pharmaceutical applications   

Rollers can be supplied in stainless steel or polypropylene with any number of grooves to suit your extruder line, rollers can be fixed or fitted with bushes to allow rotation.

The dimensions of the tray pictured is 4m long, 450mm wide this is being used with our ASL150 pelletiser processing 21 extruded strands.

Please send us an email if you are interested in this item and we will design your tray to suit your application.


Thanks for looking

Steven Critchley