Cumberland 6” Quietizer Pelletizer repair work


After a request from one of our customers we have repaired a Cumberland 6 inch machine, the machine had broken universal joints and a damaged gear box this machine has been fixed to the customers requirements. A Full refurbishment was not required the customer just wanted the machine to be repaired to a good working condition.

Work carried out

  • Remove 16 rotor bolt on blades, re-sharpen blades and re-assemble, set working clearance to bed knife.
  • Remove all material contacting parts and deep clean.
  • Re-spray the chambers non-contacting parts.
  • Clean brass links pins.
  • Remove upper feed roll, strip and recover roller with Hypalon.
  • Reset upper feed roll nip distance to grip 3mm strand.
  • Manufacture of new stainless steel bearing spacers on upper feed roll shaft.
  • Remove feed roll bearings and replace with new.
  • Strip down fabricated gear box, remove bearings, shafts and gears.
  • Remove old grease from gear box.
  • Manufacture new gear box drive shafts.
  • Supply of new universal joints and stub shafts to allow easy removal in future.
  • Fitting of new gear box bearings and circlips.
  • Rebuild gear box with new drive shafts and pack with new high temperature grease
  • Existing gears refitted after inspection.
  • Fit new timing belt.


If you have any machines that require a repair or a full refurbishment please get in touch we can fix any make or model.