Full refurbishment of 750-8 Strand Pelletizer

Leaving our factory this week we have an Accrapak 1980 model 750-8 fully refurbished this machine is ready to give many more years of service the machine has had a complete strip down and rebuild. The 750-8 was manufactured from 1980 and was discontinued in 1999 it was then replaced by the ASL200 Pelletiser.

Model 750-8

Feed width 8 inch

Year of manufacture 1989

Single drive Accrapak Strand Pelletiser with variable speed drive

Fixed 3mm Pellet using fabricated gear box and universal joints

The machine was completely disassembled and each part was inspected for damage and replaced if necessary the following work was carried out:-

Framework and covers

The frame of the machine and all removable covers have been sand blasted, repaired and powder coated in Accrapak standard blue the machine was fitted with a new hood which has been lined with our latest sound reducing material.To allow for a new discharge requirement the machine was increased in height by 150mm and a new safe-deck step was fitted to the front of the machine and new castors have been fitted.

Electrics and safety system

The machine is now inverter driven and fitted with our latest safety circuit, the hood and discharge chute are now fitted with locking solenoid switches which lock in position until the machine comes to a complete standstill providing safe no tool access for the machine operator, the safety circuit is monitored by a safety relay.

Wearable items

The Pelletizer rotor has been reground to the correct helix angle to provide a sharp cut against the carbide bed knife. The upper feed roll has been recovered in Hypalon and the feed table and front strand guide roll have been replaced.New bearings and oil seals fitted to feed roll shafts and rotor shaft, Eccentric bearing housings packed with new grease.


The fabricated gear box was stripped down and degreased, all the shafts bearings and gears have been replaced with new, the gear box was then reassembled and packed with new grease the outside of the gear box has been sprayed in Accrapak blue.

A full set of new universal joints and stub shafts fitted to link gear box with Pelletizer shafts.

New pulleys and belts have also been fitted, Vee belts tensioned.


The machine has been fitted with new pneumatic components all fittings and tubing has been replaced as new.

Machine settings

For edge bed knife rotated to an unused cutting edge, rotor clearance between bed knife and cutter set with feeler gauges to ensure uniform cut over the full length of the cutter. Feed roller gap clearance adjusted to provide correct strand nip across the length of the feed rollers.

All our refurbished machines are supplied with a six month warranty and a new electrical schematic drawing.

Thanks for looking please contact us if you need any more information or wish to refurbish any downstream equipment. We refurbish Pelletizers from any manufacturer please see our refurbishment web page for more details.


Steven Critchley