600DC SINGLE STATION OPEN SACK FILLER. Application requirement Product Colour Masterbatch Product Bulk Density : 0.5 – 0.7kg/dm3 Material feed Free flow Particle Size 3mm x 3 mm Bag Size 650mm x 450mm Filled Bag Weight 25Kg Bag Material PE Open sack Bagging capacity 120 bags per hour. Machine Geo value Set to co-ordinates of end user MODEL 600DC (For open sack) The machine will be positioned under a 1 ton silo for open sack filling. This machine is being used for the filling and weighing of various master batch pellets into open bags of 25Kg at a rate of 3 tons per hour. The internal slide valve of the machine regulates the flow of the product direct from Silo to Sack, a flexible connection is used from the silo outlet to the machines 250mm square inlet. The machine can be quickly removed from the silo for quick clean down and moved to another packing area. Built-in flow control gives a trickle flow of material up to set weight. Automatic in flight weight compensation covers specific gravity variations when using different materials. The machine is also being used for open bag filling for 15Kg bags the weight platform is height adjustable to accommodate both bag lengths. Weight platform is profiled to suit the shape of the bags throughout the filling sequence preventing the bag from moving to one side and ensuring even filling. Our latest open filling head with twin cylinders firmly grips the sack in position using clamping pads profiled to suit the product outlet. The circular product outlet is easier to position bags than the previous square design making changeover of bags easier and faster. The latest Systec is used for the accurate weighing of bags to a tolerance of 20 grams per bag, the new IT3 Systec has a larger clearer screen display with quicker selection menus for easy weight selection. Target weight can easily be switched from 25kg to 15Kg using the pre-set 1 & 2 another 8 pre-sets can be programmed if required. The machine is designed to be easy clean the bagging head can be quickly removed from its slide rails for quick and easy clean down for process changeover when polymer grade or colour changes are required. We will have a machine like this on display at the K2019 Exhibition in Dusseldorf we will also have the valve sack to demonstrate the fast changeover feature for converting quickly from open sack to valve sack. Also on display the 800 series Suction Dryer for removal of water from extuded strands prior to Pelletising and one or two Pelletising machines from our range of Strand Pelletisers, more details to follow in our pre-exhibition news feature soon. Accrapak Systems will be in hall 9 stand 9E43 at K2019 the exhibition takes place at the Dusseldorf Messe centre from October 16th-23rd 2019. For more details on this product please visit our 600DC web page in the filling and weighing and section. Thanks for Looking Steven Critchley