Our 600DC has been modified to improve the speed of operation and to also allow filling into smaller valve sacks. Last year we was asked to supply a machine for filling colour Masterbatch into 25Kg valve sacks this should have been a standard application but the valve sack that our client was using was very small. The sack would have been good for high density plastic but the material had a low specific gravity making it almost impossible to pack into the small valve sack. To overcome the problem we made some design changes to our machine which enabled us to fill the valve sack with the customers product successfully, The design change also made a significant impact on the filling rate of the machine, The filling of a 25Kg valve sack was 5 seconds faster than our standard design. After this project we decided to standardise some modification for our 600DC gravity filling machine and we now also offer the sack inflation as an optional extra. Blow up bag technology (optional extra) Prior to filling the small valve sack it needed to be inflated this makes the bag easier to fill, once the bag is clamped onto the filling head a jet of compressed air is blown into the bag for a few seconds, the time of inflation is adjustable so it can be set to inflate the bag with the minimum requirement of compressed air. New vale filling head The filling head of the machine is now conical this new shape increases the flow of material forcing it to the bottom corner of the valve sack, this ensures the bag is filled evenly without any mounding of material this is essential for filling small bags. The new conical filling head is also easier to clean which is also a major improvement. Internal slide valve set for new filling head The internal slide valve settings for material flow are now increased this allows the material to flow into the sack much quicker than before speeding up production by 5 seconds per sack. Bag support tray modification The vee platform has been replaced with a new support tray which has the same profile as the valve sack when full this prevents the bag from falling to one side during the filling process and prevents mounding of material inside the sack. Weighing controller The latest Systec controller IT3 will be used on all 600DC machines from 2019 this controller features a larger clearer display screen with easy to use menus. Clear instructions are displayed on the controller for quick- weight selection. Please visit the 600DC web page to view the video of the machine filling a 20kg Valve sack www.accrapak.co.uk/services/filling-weighing-machines/600-dc Steven Critchley March 2019