Gravity packing machine for 25Kg valve sacks or open bags

Sack filling and weighing machine

New design prototype machine for free flowing materials to twin stations for faster sack turnover.

Taking the design concept of our 600DC single sack filling and weighing machine we have manufactured a new twin headed version of this machine for the filling and weighing of free flowing pellets and pulverised free flowing materials into valve neck sacks.

This new design is different to our existing twin headed machines as this machine does not have a diverter flap or turnover chute, instead the product falls by gravity feeding material to both sides of the machine at the same time, both sides of the machine are totally independent to each other sharing the same internal hopper with double slide valves.

By using two pneumatic slide valves the flow of material will always flow through a slide valve which is open allowing material to fall into the valve sack. When the sack reaches target weight the valve closes until another sack is clamped into position.A no bag no fill signal prevents material from discharging through the filling head unless a sack is clamped securely in position.

Sequence of operation for twin head filling

  • Set target weight to weight required on both stations (25Kg)
  • Clamp two sacks in position
  • Press the start button on one of the bag stations.
  • One slide valve opens to fill first bag
  • Material will flow to target weight.
  • Slide valve closes
  • Press the start button on the opposite side of the machine
  • Second slide valve opens to fill second bag
  • Remove the first sack and clamp a new sack in position ready for filling

Machine advantages

The machine can also be used just like the 600DC single station machine filling on one side only this can be useful if a problem occurs with one piece of equipment, if an electrical fault is present on one side of the machine only the other side of the machine can still be used until the problem is resolved preventing unnecessary production stoppage.

  • Used as a twin head machine the product is always in flow allowing the operator to switch bags on one side of the machine while the other side is filling saving valuable time.
  • Because both sides of the machine are totally independent to each other the sequence of operation can never be broken preventing problems with material diversion.
  • When weighing pulverised pellets or free flowing polymer powders the material is sealed within the internal hopper preventing any leakage of product which can occur when using standard twin headed machines with material diverter flaps.
  • The machine is both compact and mobile simply position the machine under your hopper or Silo and connect a flexible connection from the outlet of your vessel into the square inlet on top of the machine.

Machine accuracy

An internal slide valve controls the flow of material from your holding vessel directly into the sack, weighing with an accuracy of 20g per bag. Built-in flow control provides a material trickle-flow up to the set weight target to ensure sack filling accuracy. An automatic in-flight compensation feature covers any variation in material specific gravity.


220/240v single phase or 110v single phase

Pneumatic supply

Pneumatic supply 3 bar

This machine is now being used in production filling and weighing fine pulverised materials into 25kg valve neck sacks please email us if you are interested in this product 

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Steven Critchley